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Aug 24, 2009  Austins McMansion Ordinance: Questions and Answers. This means that for every square foot of land, an owner can build 0. 4 square feet of gross floor area GFA. For example, if the lot is 6, 500 sq. ft. , the maximum gross floor area would be about 2600 sq ft. Roselind: So this ties house size to lot size. It would be of interest to know what is included in gross floor area (GFA).How can the answer be improved? austin mcmansion rules

Oct 10, 2012  Duplexes are one of the last affordable options for central Austin. The McMansion Task Force nevertheless did its best to discourage them by drastically curtailing the allowable footprint and mass of structures on central Austin lots. But the McMansion ordinance apparently didn't do enough to dampen duplex construction. Architects and developers are still managing to fit duplexes on narrow lots while complying with the McMansion ordinance's strict

Jun 01, 2009  Austin McMansion Ordinance Considering the Consequences. For example, in one area (W of Lamar; E& N of Lake Austin; S of 2222) the average home between 300, , 000 may be described as follows: Price 415, 975 Bedrooms 3 Baths 2 Built 1952 Size 1, 583 sq feet Garage 0 to 2 Even though they are older, Subchapter F: Residential Design and Compatibility Standards Revised Draft September 28, 2006. Used for a: A. Bed and breakfast (group 1) residential use; B. Bed and breakfast (group 2) residential use; C. Cottage special use; D. Duplex residential use; E. Secondary apartment special use; F. Singlefamily attached residential use;austin mcmansion rules The Residential Design and Compatibility or McMansion regulations, were designed to minimize the impact of new construction, remodels, and additions to existing buildings on surrounding properties in residential neighborhoods by defining an acceptable building area for each lot within which new development may occur.

McMansion Austin TX. The McMansion Ordinance does not apply to every property within the City. It applies only within specific boundaries (generally, greater central Austin). The Mueller Planned Unit Development is exempt from the regulations. Properties zoned SF4A are also exempt unless they are adjacent to properties zoned SF2 and SF3. austin mcmansion rules Mar 16, 2015 McMansion Ordinance (subchapter F): In 2006, Austin implemented the McMansion Ordinance in an attempt to limit the mass of new construction in some areas of the city. The ordinance does so by limiting things like floortoarea ratio and impervious cover, as well as establishing design standards for larger homes. Residential Design and Compatibility Standards (McMansion Ordinance) These regulations were adopted to protect the character of Austin's older neighborhoods. Zoning and Overlays Check the zoning to determine if the property is within a zoning district that allows for that use. Tree Ordinance compliance Today's Statesman (Feb. 18) has an interesting article on the McMansion ordinance's impact. A couple of quick reactions. First, the article implies that the McMansion ordinance has not affected property values: The predictions were dire. Rules designed to limit the

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